We are a gaggle of riders, philosophers, chefs, writers, illustrators, gamers, designers, comedians, artists, dancers, bathroom singers and nature lovers, grounded and riveted by a common desire to create triumphant brands.

We are not arrived and established, ‘coz we don’t intend to be. We are curious, restless and love to explore & re-invent. We are driven by hunger, hunger for good people, great work and awesome collaborations.

We offer a creative playground to all our clients regardless of their size and take up arms with businesses of all domains and beliefs, from start-ups to global heavyweights.

We understand our partners, their products, unique needs and most importantly their consumer’s subconscious desires, which allow us to resonate, identify and create truly compelling custom crafted solutions that are designed to penetrate and enrich consumer’s lives.

So far we have been loved for our charms, wit and all what we do. We love the space we are in. We are not an advertising agency; we are what you call an Idea Tree. Plant us and pluck one every day.

This is who we are but most importantly:

We don’t buy, sell or endorse nonsense.
And we wish to serve only the bold and the brave, ‘coz we believe design is not for the faint hearted.

JUMPINGGOOSE ® works to redefine the design experience in daily life. We are committed to simplicity and strive to bring happiness for our stakeholders.

JUMPINGGOOSE ®has adopted a four value system, which every member of the company follows diligently. In fact we call it the Four Pillars of the company as it forms the foundation of our company.

>> Power of Imagination: We believe that the greatest power in the universe is Power of Imagination which transcends beyond boundaries.

>> Respect for universe: Respect for universe and it's cohabitants is paramount for peaceful co-existence. We believe, Nature is most evolved design process and that what inspires us.

>> Transparent Actions: We believe in maintaining transparency in our work. For us stakeholder's trust matters the most and we shall not compromise on it at any cost.

>> Victory for all : JUMPINGGOOSE ® has adopted a four value system, which every member of the company for all, We work with honestly and integrity and make sure that each stakeholder come out victorious in our ventures.

Tuhin : The Dreamer. The Founder.


He is the warm, welcoming & lovable bong baba goose. He is a splash of fun & joy in the mundane. This man is known for his signature graphic master strokes both at work & in the kitchen.

Piyush : The Visionary. The Founder.


He is the 24x7 thunder engine. This hot blooded marwari gander is a perfectionist and is known for his flare to ideate, articulate and build castles of concepts. He is a pure vege and has a great appetite for travelling.

Mohit Bhatt : Creative Kick


He is the spring board, the night lamp burner, the juggler, the performer. This pahadi young lad is a thought wanderer and is best known for his spontaneity, research works and out of the box approach.

Pinak.B : Creative Kick


He is the Irish coffee, an unusual cocktail of hot & cold. This bong is all calm and composed on the shell with a cyclone of madness within. He is highly artistic and hands on. He holds a vast collection of vintage stamps.

Jayesh Joseph : Creative Kick


On the face of it, he might look like a doodle art with oodles of beard but at roots, this mallu gosling is a real magic wand. He is phenomenal with hand craft & illustrations but choose to get in a hibernation mode during all brain wrecking sessions. He also has a flare for photography.

Anchu.G : Creative Kick


She brings the rainbow to the gaggle. This fluid, chirpy & cheerful young mallu gal brings with her a great sense of color and design aesthetics. She’s a big foodie and love watching films.

Meenu Susan.J : Creative Kick


This little gosling is a constructive rebel. A feather weight mallu, in reality is a heavy weight in styling and make up. She has an appetite for visuals and lives and breathes design.

Pradeep Raturi : Creative Kick


He is the sprinter, the harness, the backbone in the system. This gander from Dehradun adds fuel to systems with his technical expertise and never say never attitude. He loves to travel & explore places.

Beena.B : Business Kick


This young goose means business and knows her numbers pretty well. With great organisational skills and business expertise, she brings on board peace of mind for both the gaggle and the client. She too is an awesome chef.

Sayed Ameen : Digital Kick


This young goose is digital geek with expertise in UI/UX, Coding, encoding & decoding, he lives an alternate virtual life. He loves everything that sounds APP, including the awesome nescafe fraAPPee.